. Clever Kangaroo Coin Pouch .
. Clever Kangaroo Coin Pouch .
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Clever Kangaroo Coin Pouch

  • Unique folding design
  • Coins are easy to see, easy to find
  • Suits pocket handbag or car
  • Ideal gift---easy to mail
  • No more lost coins or holes in pockets
  • May substitute in pocket for worry beads
  • Suits sight or manually handicapped
  • Accommodates other small valuables

A Premium Product

Clever Kangaroo is a registered trademark. The logo is inspired by the well-known Australian one-penny coin.
Kangaroo leather is regarded as the world's strongest for its weight. It is highly sought by fashion accessory and footwear manufacturers in Europe and USA. It is used exclusively in Clever Kangaroo coin pouches.


100% Australian made. 85,000 Clever Kangaroo pouches are now in use.
They are made from vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather and folded by hand. Every effect is made to produce pouches of consistently high quality. However there are may be variations in colour between dye-lots.

Choice of colours

There are ten popular colours to choose from. Choice may vary from time to time due to changing fashion and demand.
All listed colours are normally available ex-stock. You may order whichever colour or colours you prefer. Substitutions may be made in the event of stock runout.

Your Own Logo

You may wish to have your own message or logo embossed on pouches used as gifts.
The cost of the die to form the logo is AUS$60. E-mail enquiries to hmen?bkdudq,j`mf`qnn-bnl


Similar coin pouches can be found world wide. They were commonly used a century or more ago, frequently for carrying tobacco.
CLEVER KANGAROO coin pouches are made by a retired farmer living in North West Tasmania.

About Kangaroos (Macropods)

Clever Kangaroo coin pouches are made from the leather of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus Gigantus). Roos of this species are harvested by licensed shooters who, incidentally, help to control dingos, foxes, feral cats and pigs.
The Eastern Grey is considered to be more numerous than before European settlement due to dingo effective control, and provision of more watering places.
A government agency, Environment Australia regulates the export of kangaroo products.

Marketing - product recognition

Clever Kangaroo coin pouches are an unusual product. Their purpose sometimes eludes customers.
The user will find that the pouch contains all the coins that one may need, and that it will soften and polish with use. Diameter, folded, is 75 millimiteres (3 inches).
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